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The unique geographical and climate characteristics of Greece create an extreme variety of flora and fauna despite the small area of the country.

Greece has the most natural areas in Europe with more than 2,800 islands and a coastline of 15000 km, almost half of all Europe. The sun shines all year giving ideal temperatures, soft winters and warm summers.

Greece produces 16% of the the world’s olive oil .  It is the 3rd largest producer of olive oil and the largest consumer with each person consuming almost 20 litres each year
Cultivation and production of oil is a procedure kept from ancient times going back over 4000 years. Ancient writers provide testimonies to its benefits in health.

Most varieties have been cultivated in the country since ancient years and are native. Greek olive oil is considered to be of the higest quality. Over 80% of it is produced as an extra virgin oil (acidity <0.8).
The olive trees are sacred to the Greek culture. From ancient times the prize for winners of the Olympic games was “Kotinos” a branch of olive tree around the head.

For all of us olive trees is also a symbol of peace and harmony, a medicine, an element of our religion.

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