Best practises & Cooperation

One of the basic attributes of Greek manner is generosity. To be able to offer what you have in surplus to somebody that does not, is a very important action. We implement best practices.

Our products are bottled in special designed UV absorbent glass bottles or exclusive ceramic pots (organic olive oil only), disallowing penetration of light or air, ensuring prolonged product life and value for money. 

Olive oil is a natural product offering exceptional flavor with a variety of uses, enhancing good health and beauty. Every drop is precious! 

Maintaining the product away from light and air is important for longer life and presence of nutritional values.

Whole Sales

Our products are distributed via our e-shop to all European countries. 
Soon will be available to U.S.A, Canada, Russia, UAE, China and Australia through our partners.

Available also in bulk orders for restaurants, delicatessen and shops of quality nutritional products all over the world.

We work with professionals and resellers interested in promoting this amazing product in the whole world.

We demand and work for lasting agreements and mutual benefit.
We honor the value of our land and the effort of the producer, offering the best olive oilat a competitive price.
If you wish to become partners in our effort, please contact us by sending data of your business and the market you want to target.

We will be happy to cooperate with you!