Who we are

ENERGAEA created by people with vision and passion for the Mediterranean diet, exploiting the rich variety and quality of goods produced by this land.

Starting with olive oil or "liquid gold", according to Homer, we offer the best quality olive oil as produced by the Greek earth, with two choices of cultivating method, conventional and certified organic farming, covering this way all the requirements.

The Company's facilities are in Koropi - Attica, in a specially designed building and includes the main production unit, storage INOX tanks, technologically advanced bottling machines, chemical laboratory and houses the administrative offices.
who we are

The company according to the qualitative and quantitative needs of its customers, purchases olive oil from selected Greek producers, mills and cooperatives as first analyzed and judged according to the standards of European and Greek legislation, but also according to the quality standards of buyers. The organization applies ISO22000 procedures and ensures that all stages are in full control of the quality of olive oil, according to customer requirements and applicable standards, from the producer to the consumer.

Our vision is that our products are always intertwined with the excellent quality of customer perception around the world to establish preferences as their first choice. Our purpose is to bring the best Greek agricultural food and even more an attitude towards nature, in front of your everyday life.

who we areThe values we cherish:

Quality: Ensuring the highest quality of olive oil / our products, not just a prerequisite for maintaining confidence and growing preference for foreign buyers and domestic, but the commitment that our customers can always enjoy the excellent quality olive oil offers the country.

Respect: Our company respects the consumer's needs, so committed to the best and fastest possible customer satisfaction.

Discipline: The company and the people who surround always act within the framework of the procedures and instructions, showing zero tolerance for any deviations. So reciprocate the trust of consumers who choose us.

Reliability: We keep everything on our commitments and provide our customers with high quality olive oil using modern traceability applications.
We decided to create a name that will be based on nature, nature and Greek gifts.

We are young but experienced with modern concepts, but with deep respect for the values that have kept alive a tradition thousands of years. And we continue ...

What we consider as a unique gift for us, we want to share with the whole world.