Face & Body cream


Our recipe is a face-body sun block oil with main components of avocado, coconut and olive oil.

Our materials

2 spoons oil of avocado

2 spoons oil of coconut

1 spoon olive oil

2 spoons: sitelaio, ilielaio, sisamelaio

1 spoon of kalentoyla

2 spoons of clover extract or clover oil


Preparation way

We put all the oils in a small blender and we shake them for a while. Then we store in a bottle with label. If we warm very light and we shake also for a while until we will achieve better homogenization of the mixture. 


This oil is, perhaps, it is one of the better natural suntan lotions, that you can use. It combines almost the all attributes that are essential for the absolute and balanced protection of skin. The oil of coconut and the avocado are rich in vitamin a, which protects from infra sun rays.

The olive oil prevents the dehydration and darkens slightly the skin. Sitelaio has vitamin e and prevents  also infra sun rays.


Sisamelaio and ilielaio prevent ultraviolet sun rays. The extract of clover decreases the sensitivity of skin in the effects uvb beyond that it acts as a factor of protection.

Finally, the oil of kalentoula is healing and anticipates the burns.

way of use

Half an hour before we exposed in sun we stretch out a large quantity from the oil and we make a soft massage. We again repeat after few hour and generally, the first days, we put often of our mix in our face and body. We sit in sunlight for a few hour and immediately after the exposure in sun, we have to put  a small quantity of our mix like an afterward protection.




If you want your hydration lotion to have sunblock attributes, you have to add one spoon from the above mixture or to replace the oils that it has in her components with the  above mentioned oil  the first week, finally, it will be supposed that we sit in sun, progressively increasing, up to 20 ′ - 30 ′, and of course not the hours of high radiation (11.00-16.00).