Contribution to health


Olive oil is characterized as a functional food, because it protects us from different diseases and generally affects positively in human health.

Mediterranean diet, with olive oil in its basis, is scientifically considered as a ¨weapon¨ against different problems of human organism.

•    It is rich in monounsaturated greasy acids, precious in the composition of lipids, that provides energy the human cells, the “structural” material of our organism.

•    It helps the absorption of vitamins and thanks to polyphenols that contains, contributes the reduction of oxidation of greasy webs of our body, it is also resistant in high temperatures.

•    It positively affects the growth of organism and slows down the ageing thanks to its greasy acids and its great amount of vitamin E that prevents the oxidation and the creation of free roots.

•    It contributes in the control of cholesterol and affects positively at the hardening of arteries, atherosclerosis is the main cause of death in  modern societies . The monounsaturated oleic acid of olive oil is particularly resistant in the oxidations that are responsible for atherosclerosis, but also for the beginning of cancer.

•    There are important clues that help in the peptic ulcers. Its consumption relieves from the abdominal pains, decreases the indigestion and decreases the stocking of gastric liquid; it also helps in the function of weak intestines.

•    It facilitates in the function of liver, it has positive results in the alleviation from contraction of gall bladder blocks the creation of stone in the bile.

•    It has also positive contribution in the alimentary confrontation of diabetes.

•    According to recent researches in USA, the consumption of olive oil from women, more than once a day, prevents from breast cancer.

Recent studies have shown that olive has miraculous properties, beside health, in beauty.  New researches in the cosmetology have shown that olive oil protects the skin from sun radiation, protects and strengthens hair and reduces abdominal fat.