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04/18/2012Quality Assurance

At Energaea, our principal purpose is to produce and distribute the highest quality Greek extra virgin olive oil.   Our carefully selected groves are based in regions best known for producing Greece’s finest and tastiest olives.  Energaea olive oil includes Greek spices Koroneiki, Manaki and Athinolia, with no mixes or chemical treatments.   Our products are maintained in dark, dry, temperature-controlled tanks.   Unlike other olive oil producers, at Energaea,....

04/18/2012Food & Health tips
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Olive oil is temperature resistant, so recommended for cooking and frying. Do not use the same oil more than twice when frying. Olive oil is not a microbiologically affected food. It oxidises if it comes in contact with air or direct light. Its principal ingredients are then gradually destroyed. Olive oil should be kept for no longer than 18 months from the date it is bottled.   Extra virgin olive oil can be applied to skin burns to aid in the healing process. See your physician rega....

04/18/2012Online Orders

All of Energaea’s products are distributed safely and economically via express post programs. This means that your order will arrive 5 to 8 working days from the date you placed it.   At the moment only inside EU orders can be accepted through our e-shop. Please place your order online at   For non EU countries, contact us directly at submiting your inquiry.   A smart way to order and minimize the transportation ....