Why greek olive oil?

04/02/2012Greek history & Olive oil

The history of Greek culture is connected with the olive tree. Since ancient years olive was connected with the religion, the decoration of vessels or golden objects and even walls. It was considered also as a symbol of peace, wisdom and victory. The winners of Olympic Games were wreathed with a branch of olive called ¨kotino¨ and with a branch of olive were coming the messengers of peace.Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor and the father of modern medicine gave olive the name of Great ....

04/02/2012Fact sheet

The unique geographical and climate characteristics of Greece create an extreme variety of flora and fauna despite the small area of the country. Greece has the most natural areas in Europe with more than 2,800 islands and a coastline of 15000 km, almost half of all Europe. The sun shines all year giving ideal temperatures, soft winters and warm summers. Greece produces 16% of the the world’s olive oil .  It is the 3rd largest producer of olive oil and the largest consumer wit....